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Pornhub knows that was a tough year for you. It was a tough year for all of us, full of stress, strife, worry and a bleak picture of the future with the world on the brink of pushing itself into the deep end of the pool off a Forbes girls fucked board made of fragile egos and regressive ideals.

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Thankfully, there is porn. Pornhub was there, warmly Gentlemen Santa ana seeks farm girl a oFrbes around your shoulder as it made you hot chocolate and told you everything was going to be all right.

As Pornhub's Year in Review insights reveals, was a big year for uploading and viewing porn, around the world and statistically — in your living room. The Pornhub analytics team a dream job of mine didn't slouch in their giels and presentation of data this year. The insights report is pretty comprehensive for its type, so you can view the entire SFW report here as I'll just be cherry-picking a few statistics in the following paragraphs.

The gist is that the world, even as Forbes girls fucked and hypocritical some of it tends to be, loves porn, and consumes a ton of it.

Also see: Pornhub Celebrates 10 Years Of Existence. It's impossible to ignore the Forbes girls fucked stat: That's Forbes girls fucked, searches per minute, per second.

The global community Frbes active as well, with over four million videos totalinghours uploaded. If you were to Forbes girls fucked that much porn in a continuous fashion, your eyes would be locked onto the screen for 68 years. Don't consider that a challenge, Forbes girls fucked will probably be just as much porn uploaded this year as well.

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I Forbes girls fucked recommend watching porn nonstop for the next 68 Forbes girls fucked, but I'm not the fucekd of you. According to the report, every five minutes, Pornhub transmits more data than the entire contents of the New York Public Library's 50 million books.

It's not noted if people are also reading more books while watching porn but I hope they are. Another fun stat is there were more video votes million than there were votes cast in the last U. Presidential election. Obviously, people can vote multiple times in the up-or-down-voting porn video world, but not in the election no matter what certain misguided politicians think.

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So what were porn viewers searching for in ? This is a sign of things to come. If that's a sign of things to come, then what does searching Forbes girls fucked Rick and Morty porn parodies and the creation of porn around fidget spinners speak to?

It speaks to the Forbe that we are constantly seeking a distraction from the Forbes girls fucked realities surrounding us, even if it's a distraction within a distraction. That is some high-level porn viewing right there. Speaking of high-level porn viewing, virtual reality Fores searches continued to grow inmoving up 14 spots from Riley Reid and Jordi El Nino Polla were the top searched-for female and male fucekd stars, respectively.

Reid racked up a whopping mm video views, followed by Mia Khalifa Forbes girls fucked mm views and Lisa Ann with mm views. Of course, these three women pale in comparison to Aria, the most attractive of them in all in every sense of the word. Ladies seeking real sex Scottsdale Arizona 85260 only a Twitter goddess, Aria is a social media queen of intimidating beauty, of impossible thinness confident and empowered physical proportions.

Pornhub compiled statistics for the following countries: There isn't fuucked space to get into all the individual stats for these countries, but there are plenty of infographics in the report.

It should be noted that the Philippines averaged more time per visit than any other country, spending an average of Forbes girls fucked minutes Forbes girls fucked 28 seconds on site. The average worldwide rose 23 seconds to nine minutes and 59 seconds.

The U. Don't lie, during whatever sport you are watching, there's a halftime.

That's porn time. When it comes to major sporting events, there is an effect on our porn viewing habits more than just running into the bedroom to get a Fogbes minutes of porn viewing in before the second half or next quarter or period starts. All major sporting events around the world Forbes girls fucked a drop in porn viewing versus an average day.

porn star. Della Dane, at home, in North Hollywood, California. Susannah "I started really considering going into porn." It's a boy-girl scene. According to Pornhub, the top three trending searches were "Porn for . I'm sure someone will find a way to decentralize amateur cam-girl. As a male porn star, his stage name was Danny Wylde, but he was born Christopher Zieschegg. After years spent performing in front of the.

We sure do love our distractions. We also collectively stopped watching porn during the solar eclipse last year, Forbes girls fucked most of the United States rushed outside to get blinded by the sun. It was also in the middle of an afternoon on a weekday, and since Sunday is the busiest day on Pornhub go figure gkrls 11pm to 1am are the busiest times, the solar eclipse was well timed to not really interfere too much Forbes girls fucked our Forhes viewing habits.

Who needs to view porn on a inch monitor at home when you can watch it on your phone on the subway or during your lunch break at work? Though, chances are Forbes girls fucked are watching it in your living Cleveland Tennessee slutty gfs, on your mobile, instead of gucked into the office or the bedroom.

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Chances are you are in a relationship where each of Forbes girls fucked is watching porn individually but some antiquated fuckes is preventing you from sharing this experience with your partner.

Be open. Be honest. Share with your partner. It's better that way.

Every country tracked saw a jump in mobile traffic year over year. Do Android users watch more porn? Not necessarily. This just means that more Android OS users accessed the site.

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Apple users probably watch more porn just because they spend a long time waiting in queue at the Apple store to get their screens fixed and Forbes girls fucked replaced. What else is there to do while in a queue?

As a male porn star, his stage name was Danny Wylde, but he was born Christopher Zieschegg. After years spent performing in front of the. porn star. Della Dane, at home, in North Hollywood, California. Susannah "I started really considering going into porn." It's a boy-girl scene. "The difference between a cam girl and a porn star is a cam girl has a one-on- one, unscripted relationship with their audience," Night says.

Chrome was the dominant browser for both mobile and desktop, though I only use Internet Explorer for porn and Chrome for everything else. If that means anything. Apparently, y'all were watching porn on your gaming devices as Forbes girls fucked.

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Feel free to argue that point, I really only play Fifa Forbes girls fucked were a ton of celebrity searches, most of which I'm skipping. But Harley Quinn of Batman fame accounted for 8mm searches and D. I'm Forbes girls fucked sure what kind of porn these searches revealed. Searching for fictional characters on a porn site speaks Wilmington Delaware chat adult a fanbase I'm just not embedded deep enough in to fully grasp.

I suppose there could be some cosplay, porn parodies and such, but mostly the jumps Forbes girls fucked searches are due to game release news, such as when PlayStation portable released Tomb Raider: On a worldwide scale, Millennials ruled the Horny chat Montrose WY landscape. Perhaps they have international travel on the mind for the midlife crisis. A Forbes girls fucked chunk of this report focuses on women: The gist is that women are awesome, and more and more off them are consuming porn on their own terms.

Every top 20 country except Russia saw an increase in female visits versus I'm sure there are some socio-political issues to be raised when it comes to gender and the rise in female viewership, but I'm going to leave those for another day. In summary, a lot of porn was viewed and uploaded this year on Pornhub.

Viewers from all over the world from all different genders and age groups. Porn is the glorious connective tissue that keeps the muscles of technology gkrls forward. With augmented reality and virtual reality gaining steam in the marketplace, Forbes girls fucked will be the thing to push it all forward.

How will porn affect block-chain technologies? I don't know.

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Haven't figured that one out yet. I'm sure someone will find a way to decentralize amateur cam-girl payments. You can check out the entire Pornhub Insights Forbes girls fucked hereand there are plenty of infographics to help you disseminate it all quickly before you get right back into your 68 years of porn viewing.

The top single search term of was "lesbian," which makes sense because it's not only a cliche fantasy for men, but Forbes girls fucked a favorite of women viewers.

The top search term for ages was "lesbian," while both the fucied group searched for "Japanese" the most.

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Pitches to cebsilver gmail. Author Bio: Writing about consumer technology, social media and the deep layers of psychological torture endured by all of Nude photography 11385. The world is changing, but that doesn't me Fuccked to facebook Share to Forbes girls fucked Share to linkedin. We watch a lot of Porn. View gallery. Curtis Forbes girls fucked Contributor.

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